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Custom software

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What is Custom Software Development?

Universal App's

Windows 10 App's

What kind of softwares can we make?

What we do

1We use C# as main language and that give's us the possibility to virtual create any software and application.We can create app's for any windows device,adroid and ios.

2Our main speciality is automation and our motto is "Work Smarten,Not Harder",we have created various of tools for different companys saving them valuable time and money.

3It has never been easier to build your dream software with our Custom software development services. Use our custom and affordable solutions to put your business on Auto-Pilot.

Our Skills


Custom Software Development

C# Winforms

Winforms is a great framework and providing a platform to write rich client applications for desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs.

C# wpf

WPF is also a composable presentation system, which means that pretty much any UI element can be made up of any other UI element.

windows 10 Apps

Windows 10 app are the latest and greatest from microsoft and runns on all windows 10 devices including xbox one and hololens.

Windows 8 apps

Do you want to target windows 8 or 8.1 users with a app,then we can build it for you.

Universal Apps

Universal windows apps that runs acoss all windows devices including desktop,tablet,phone and xbox

Web Automation

We are experts on web automation,do you have anything that you could automate to speed up your workflow?

Data Entry

Do you have large task that you have to do over and over again, no problem we can automate that.

Import Export

Want to move all your products from one webshop to another webshop or maybe add products from your supplyer,no problem we can do that.
Working with Logical Cube has been a pleasure.Logical Cube delivered my project on time and in a professional way. Looking forward to work on more projects in the future.